A question that I get fairly often is, “How many people are working on Realm Explorer?”.  Gabriel pointed out to me recently that when I respond to emails like this I usually come across sounding really formal and corporate.  The truth is our team is small.  How small?  Well, Gabriel and I are the only two programmers.  I created most of the game functionality, the majority of Realm Engine (our proprietary moddable multiplayer server engine), most of the game client features, the scripting / mod system and the majority of the networking code, etc.  Gabriel has done an incredible job creating virtually 100% of our UI (including making it skinnable / moddable), tons of user-interaction stuff (all of the special behaviors for drag and drop inventory, smooth transitions for chat messages, beautiful styling and so on).  Gabriel also does all of our web stuff (including RealmSource .NET account creation / account management, game key management, player sessions, password recovery email functionality and all of that good stuff).

We also work with a long-time associate of ours (who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions now despite us living on completely different continents) ArmedBee who helps get us the artists we need to do specific projects — everything from 3D modelling, animation, concept art and more.  Without his help the in-game graphics would probably be a couple of 3D blocks moving around the screen (backed by our super powerful multiplayer RPG engine, of course).  ArmedBee has also helped with a lot of technical aspects of setting up art content and working through the workflow of setting up new visual features.

As of right now… that’s everyone!  We’ve had a few others come and go over the years contributing pieces here and there but the majority of artwork and code that we’re using right now has been the result of the continued efforts of the three of us.

Having said that there are a lot of people I would love to work with in the future (on the music side especially!  I’m a huge fan of great game music) but I firmly believe in making sure people get paid for their work.

That’s all for now.  Check back next week for some news on recent work on Realm Engine integration and other technology improvements that are letting us do more great stuff!