Lots of stuff is in the works lately including a ton of work on terrain (generation, digging, etc.), new and improved structure building, more art assets (and some work related to animation improvement) and more.  Gabriel has been putting a lot of work into improving the UI framework as well.  Have I even shown the new server browser / server connection UI?  Well, here it is:


The other things I mentioned aren’t ready to show yet (and they’ll best be represented by video anyway) but here’s a little look at some of the further improvements to materials and environment (these look much better in live action instead of just still photos too but these will have to do for now!)

charactercustomization01 charactercustomization02 charactercustomization03 charactercustomization04 environment01 environment02 environment03 environment04

As always we’re still building on our core Realm Engine technology (officially a thing for a few months now) and Realm Explorer is still multiplayer, moddable (C# and VB .NET on the server side), skinnable UI (HTML5-based with support for tons of web technologies like CSS, TypeScript and more [Gabriel will have to fill in the details here]) and with nearly infinite dynamically generated worlds to explore.

There’s more to discuss so keep an eye out for the next post!