It’s been awhile since my last post but progress is still continuing with Realm Explorer.  The team has been ramping up with tons of new work across all areas of the game — new artwork, new game content, new features, improved performance and more.

One of the areas that hasn’t seen attention for awhile (until now) has been character customization.  We’re up to 29 male hair styles, 20 female hair styles (all with hair physics) as well as the addition of 6 total facial hair styles for male characters.  We also recently added 4 new head styles for the male characters (with 2 more on the way).  This will bring us to a total of 9 different base faces in addition to all of the hair and beard style and color options.  You can also now change your character’s underwear color (yay?).

Character Customization

There’s a lot of new stuff that hasn’t yet been seen (and a lot still in the works) but I’ll leave you with a few screenshots demonstrating the new and improved visuals we’ve been working on (don’t miss the UI details either!):

Character Selection In the woods Running