First a word from our leader Zeruel:

Realm Explorer definitely is still in development.
Our team has been working on it every day. You may not be aware of this but our main distribution platform was Desura. Unfortunately Desura had serious financial problems and hadn’t paid us in over a year — hundreds of other developers weren’t paid either. Desura finally went bankrupt and closed down a few months ago so we have no chance of being paid by them. As you can imagine this has slowed things down for us but we’re still working on the game regardless. Desura also made it very difficult to get new builds of the game released. In fact, right now it’s impossible to release any new updates to Desura at all.

We’ve committed tens of thousands of dollars from our own pockets (as well as thousands of hours programming) this past year alone to help keep development going.

Our goal is to release Realm Explorer on Steam in 2016. If you have a RealmSource .NET account we will send out an email when things are ready in the next few months. Even if you didn’t purchase Realm Explorer during the alpha period you can still sign up for a free RealmSource .NET account at Our target is to have the game as close to “complete” as possible for the Steam release. We’ll continue to support it with patches and new content after the Steam release.

In addition to this we have an incredibly powerful new mod system — nearly every aspect of the game can be modified by C# and VB .NET scripts (your choice of programming language) from the server-side. The client UI can also be skinned and customized using common web-development technologies like HTML and CSS. We support drop-in UI skin packs so that people can create their own User Interface changes to change the look, feel and layout of UI elements (or use packs made by other people should they choose). Users with some programming knowledge will be able to develop their own content – everything from craft recipes and item qualities, NPCs and AI behavior to terrain generation and completely new game systems.

In conclusion Realm Explorer is far from dead — our internal code base and art assets are the best they’ve ever been. Desura is dead and we can no longer support releases on the platform (in addition to not having been paid for any games sold there). In order to do a proper Steam release we really want the game to be the best it can be so that we can ensure a strong release.

Thanks for your continued interest in Realm Explorer!

If you’d like to recover your Realm Explorer key from Desura you can find instructions we made for this here. If you don’t have a RealmSource.NET account, you can register with us here, or if you just need to add it to your pre-existing account. you can do so here,

Since I made the last blog post in May, we’ve completed over 80 features for Realm Explorer as well as continuing to fine-tune existing features, fix bugs, and more.

If you’ve got any questions about our continued development of Realm Explorer, leave a comment!