May has flown by and we’ve been doing a lot of work that is all coming together nicely.

Here I am going to go through our tracker and summarize the work we’ve been doing.

Over at I added a bit of “two-factor authentication”. When you login to your account there we’ll send you an e-mail if we don’t recognize the device you used. We take your account security seriously, and this is just one of several new safeguards we’ve added to our systems recently.

In the game UI, status bars went on a diet, they’re now about half the size they were. And to give a “hud-less HUD” effect, if any of your status bars are full, they’ll fade out after 5 seconds. With the action bar, it fade outs after you’ve changed the selection of your active item as well, but we still show your items and slots as minimally as possible. I’ll be adding a game option soon to disable this new feature if you’re so inclined.

We bring everything into full view when your inventory is open. You can also see that the equipment slot graphics have been updated with outlines to enhance use-ability.

Completely new is the in-game radar, which shows you nearby objects like npcs, plants, players, containers, corpses, items. You might be able to see a sheep off to my left in the darkness, but you can definitely see the blue dot on the radar for it…

You can customize the radar in the options menu. There’s a lot to configure here, so we now have a “Restore Defaults” button on the general options page.

The container UI has been expanded to support action slots and equipment slots. Here I am inspecting a sheep corpse:

The options UI now offers new video settings for Clouds, Antialiasing, and SSAO which makes the game really shine if your PC can handle it! We also vastly increased the range of the mouse sensitivity slider (by ten times!) for folks with all sorts of input needs.

The multiplayer browser UI has also been changed a bit from what I previewed in an earlier post. It also now remembers your preferences for passworded/full/empty/server sort order, and will let you know when those options are preventing any servers from showing up in the list. You’ll also be able to tab to your single player realms all from this one window.

The server Configuration UI has been revamped and has a whole new look. We also added a new “HTML Log” option which makes the log a lot more readable with pretty colors. Server admins can also disable radar or just specific blips on the radar, coordinates, and other settings:

The server Admin UI now has a “time slider” which allows you to quickly change the time by moving the range knob around. This is great for making videos or for us to see how light and darkness affects materials in game.

We also fixed a handful of bugs that cropped up along the way too. Most importantly we discovered a pretty serious and frequent crash that was occurring and after working with Coherent Labs we have an updated version of the software that displays the UI.

And according to Matt, Hostile NPCs are just a few days away… Dyox says we’ll see a completely overhauled terrain system within a month.