Well, what the heck have I been up to…? Oh I know! Let’s check the commit log…

We were using WCF for calls to our login and other services, however these would only work on Windows game clients. WCF in Unity also led to some undesirable delays which might briefly freeze up the client which we seemed to be experiencing more of in recent builds. We’ve moved to a web API using HTTPS, I too the opportunity to also beef up and require security across our services.

The loading screen timeout for displaying the “Cancel” button has been changed to 20 seconds since the previous 90 seconds was very long given how fast we are able to load into the game now.

Added a compass to just above the action bar which now tells you what direction you are walking in. The compass can be disabled in the game options.

Improved the look of our buttons in the game, there is now a “mouse down/clicked” state for buttons which makes it obvious the button is being/will be clicked, instead of just the two normal/hover states we had previously. I also found a bunch of buttons weren’t making sounds when clicked so I updated them to do so.
If you find a button that isn’t making noise let me know!