I wrapped up major enhancements to the multiplayer server browser this week, take a look for yourself:

Realm Explorer's New Server Browser

Improvements over the old browser:

* The direct connect interface and server browser interface are now all-in-one
* You can filter the list of servers by typing the name, minimum number of current or max players, or ping.
* You can filter the list to not include full, empty, or passworded servers
* You can view the server details when you click on it in the list
* You can double click on a server in the list to connect
* You can sort the list by name, current or max players or ping either by clicking the icon at the top of the server list, or by using the combo boxes in the server options.
* Room for expansion for future features such as Server Favorites, Recent Servers you’ve connected to, a Friend’s list, and LAN play (geez how long are we going to promise this for?)
* Removal of the “multiplayer mode” selection screen

But that’s not all… other recent updates include:

* Security enhancements to RealmSource.NET
* Improved Account Management page feedback
* Fixed audio settings checkboxes not working in the client
* Fixed a login issue
* New and Improved Dialog display system!
* Added setting for new Unity5 quality setting “Realtime Reflections Probes
* Removed Bloom and Vignetting from the Video options

Let us know what you want to see next in the comments!