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Last week tonight with our host, Gabriel

Well it’s been a busy 10 days since my last post, tons of work is getting done. It’s all good 🙂

I updated the login process for the game, you’ll now be presented with the login screen when the main menu appears.

The login screen

Everything is now streamlined, the register, license activation, and forgot password functionality is all in the same view. The cleans up a lot of state transfer that we were doing before.

The register screen
The forgot password screen

If you don’t have an internet connection we of course give you the option to play offline up to 30 days after your last login.

The play offline screen

In regards to the login process itself, we were previously using a strong encryption to store and transmit your password, however, now I’ve beefed this up even more. The next version of the game will automatically forget your login information and all you need to do is re-enter your username and login and you’ll be all set.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to logout (or login, if you’re playing offline) with a button available at the sign post in the main menu.

The main menu scene showing the logout button

With this change, along with the new multiplayer browser, there’s no more login page at the billboard, no more multiplayer mode selection. This means as soon as you click the “Multiplayer” board, you’ll be taken straight to the multiplayer browser.

Another initiative that was part of this whole login re-work was to remove the reliance on a .NET networking technology we were using. This removal will benefit us in the future when it comes to porting to other platforms. We’ve moved to a more standard system that enables us to be a lot more flexible when it comes to how we handle requests coming from the client as well.

In game, we now have a new progress indicator for interacting with objects. Here you can see I have picked some cotton from this plant already and am now gathering more. In the lower right, we now have icons indicating the icon for the item you acquired. You can also see the compass I mentioned in my last post in action.

The new progress bar, compass, and item acquisition messages

Also, with no more sites to display in the community panel on the in-game esc menu, I’ve simplified the menu-ing there as well. We could display this blog but who actually reads this stuff?

The new esc menu screen

That’s all for now, see you around.


Commit log review

Well, what the heck have I been up to…? Oh I know! Let’s check the commit log…

We were using WCF for calls to our login and other services, however these would only work on Windows game clients. WCF in Unity also led to some undesirable delays which might briefly freeze up the client which we seemed to be experiencing more of in recent builds. We’ve moved to a web API using HTTPS, I too the opportunity to also beef up and require security across our services.

The loading screen timeout for displaying the “Cancel” button has been changed to 20 seconds since the previous 90 seconds was very long given how fast we are able to load into the game now.

Added a compass to just above the action bar which now tells you what direction you are walking in. The compass can be disabled in the game options.

Improved the look of our buttons in the game, there is now a “mouse down/clicked” state for buttons which makes it obvious the button is being/will be clicked, instead of just the two normal/hover states we had previously. I also found a bunch of buttons weren’t making sounds when clicked so I updated them to do so.
If you find a button that isn’t making noise let me know!


UI Progress

I wrapped up major enhancements to the multiplayer server browser this week, take a look for yourself:

Realm Explorer's New Server Browser

Improvements over the old browser:

* The direct connect interface and server browser interface are now all-in-one
* You can filter the list of servers by typing the name, minimum number of current or max players, or ping.
* You can filter the list to not include full, empty, or passworded servers
* You can view the server details when you click on it in the list
* You can double click on a server in the list to connect
* You can sort the list by name, current or max players or ping either by clicking the icon at the top of the server list, or by using the combo boxes in the server options.
* Room for expansion for future features such as Server Favorites, Recent Servers you’ve connected to, a Friend’s list, and LAN play (geez how long are we going to promise this for?)
* Removal of the “multiplayer mode” selection screen

But that’s not all… other recent updates include:

* Security enhancements to RealmSource.NET
* Improved Account Management page feedback
* Fixed audio settings checkboxes not working in the client
* Fixed a login issue
* New and Improved Dialog display system!
* Added setting for new Unity5 quality setting “Realtime Reflections Probes
* Removed Bloom and Vignetting from the Video options

Let us know what you want to see next in the comments!