Fixed an issue with the loading bar today. Once our “movement” component is loaded we accelerate the progress bar to get the player in-game faster. We do this 2% at a time. This means that if the value the terrain engine was at when this happened was odd, we’d overflow to 101%. I added a simple Math.Min constraint to what we send to the loading screen solving the issue.

Another issue was that un-equip was not simulating properly, the client would have to wait until the authoritative update came from the server to see what slot the unequipped item went into. I tracked this down to the simulation method, the item’s quantity was being set to 0 only on unequip… I think this was a remnant from before I had refactored the way things worked in the inventory system. Setting the quantity to 0 was supposed to make the item that was clicked disappear, not the target item. Removing this line of code resolved the issue.

Did some preliminary work on changing a landing page, and transforming into this dev blog.